♦ The Universe is one and “one” is the Universe


.Man must become a Universal, otherwise he shall be extinguished on account of his instincts.

Man has a glorious destiny ahead awaiting for him, if he decides he wants it. Man is born physically without wings, but his soul and his spirit, is the most beautiful bird with transparent, airy, light and powerful wings for him to sail the airs into space, to rise up and access the maximum infinite universal heights.

We should not remain a belief, an assumption, a habit. We must be a result of the superior intelligence, of reason, of the understanding of the soul. The ultimate core from which we broke away from one day, is awaiting for us to initiate the journey back to the nucleus where we belong. We broke away to go out, to travel, to conquer space, understand and  know the universe. We are original universal natural energy, a beam of energy, from which we should not stray, we must maintain our nature. It is necessary that we understand, that we integrate the core to which we belong, we are part of his generation, the Supreme nucleus.

We must not succumb to hatred, to ignorance, to beliefs, to religions, to fear, to racism, to vanity, to greed, to sectarianism, to selfishness. These habits, these beliefs, should be disposed of, all these things we should  bury in the past, for man to constitute Humanity, for man to constitute himself into a Human Universal and Infinitely Transcendent Being.

The day that man does not fight or compete for material goods, the day that man does not need money to give his heart and his soul, the day man does not belong to sects and religions, the day that man is no longer afraid, that day he will be free, that day man shall start to understand his significance, that day he will start to fusion himself with the universe to become “one”.

Give yourself this opportunity and offer this opportunity to others.

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